Our Farm

Papa Weaver’s Pork Products are guaranteed to be FREE of preservatives, additives, chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. That’s right! Seventh generation farmer, Tom Weaver, brings you the finest gourmet pork products available. Tom Weaver produces Papa Weaver’s Pork on his family farm, originally owned by President James Madison. Papa Weaver’s Pork is a Pork Quality Assurance Level III Certified Pork Producer, insuring that our herd meets and exceeds the quality assurance measures for America’s Pork Producers!

Our Products

We offer a fine array of exceptional pork products, including pork chops, pork roasts, and spare ribs, available in limited supply and customized for your specific needs. The products are vacuum sealed for attractive display.

About Our Sausages

Developed for today’s health conscious consumer, all sausage products are lean by FDA guidelines. Our secret country style blend sausage seasoning is natural with refined sugar. Ground bulk sausage and 1 and 4 once links can be custom prepared to suit your needs. Shelf life is 10-14 days when refrigerated below 40 degrees and 3 months when frozen. When handled properly, products are guaranteed for 5 days following delivery. All links are vacuum sealed for freshness and extended shelf life.